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Defend, % 100
Democratize, % 100
Deliver Dividends, % 100

Our Story

CrowdPoint Technologies is using the power of the Crowd to democratize the Human Identity. We recognized that it was the global currency of today. The Human Identity is unique and non-fungible CrowdPoint assigns both bullion and numismatic value to your information on our NexGen Blockchain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite AI, Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to DEMOCRATIZE Big Data in order to DEFEND and DELIVER dividends to YOU, for your HUMAN IDENTITY.


CrowdPoint is an end-to-end Digital Platform Provider. The Digital Platform we proved is an interconnected BlockChain Ecosystem that is organized using the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). Our Blockchain taxonomy is developed for use by the global business and financial community. We vertically and horizontally integrate 11 sectors, 24 industry groups, 69 industries, and 158 sub-industries in order to categorize all value add transactions on our NexGen Blockchain codenamed: Hitchhiker.


ICP At Scale

Continuous Ideal Customer Profiles engaged in continuous ideal transactions.


Simple CTA

Data Science meets Social Science for Call To Actions that convert continuously.


Powerful Performance

Our AI leverages common sense using Human-in-the-loop rule reviews.


Democratize Big Data

We decentralize the 4 V’s of Big Data to provide the 5th V: Value.


Defend Information

Data + Value = Information. Human Identity is information. We decentralize and defend it.


Deliver Dividends

CrowdPoint delivers dividends for the Decentralized ID based on numismatic value.

Our Projects

CrowdPoint is partnering in the creation of 11 Sector Exchanges with forward-thinking and proven CryptoCurrency Market Leaders. Today we are shaping the future of Blockchain from simple liquidity and speculation to foundational economic principles based on supply chain transformation and transactions.
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Meet Our Team

CrowdPoint is an ass embly of successful entrepreneurs with multiple technologies and business exits. We are effective leaders that know what it takes to build strong teams within a business and ensure projects, initiatives, or other work functions are performed successfully.

Our leadership team is servant leaders focusing our efforts on our Primary Customers and our Secondary Customers. We are dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer engagement while exceptional partner enablement. We focus on the consistent deployment of these 4 Technologies: