The Human Identity has been at the center of commerce since the beginning of time. Today, big technology companies are not treating their customer fairly. All the data about you is being bought and sold in global human identity slave trade. Using your mouse click on the Blockchain Ecosystem map below:

Why Choose CrowdPoint

CrowdPoint has a singular purpose: Defend and deliver dividends to you, the Human Identity. Since the beginning of time Humans have driven commerce, it started as bartering, advanced to precious metals, paper scripts and tender and now it is digital. While the Human Identity has been exploited since the beginning of time, the scale in which it is happening today is unfathomable to the average person. At CrowdPoint, we are doing the right thing, we are a trusted agent in an untrusted world working as silent professionals for you.


We built our own. We understand the importance of commerce. That is why CrowdPoint is helping to move beyond the purely speculative aspects of using Cryptography. CrowdPoint leverages the power of the Crowd to compress time to the point of efficiency. CrowdPoint provides Wall Street-like capabilities using Main Street practicality enabling our customers to leapfrog beyond large slow-moving enterprise organizations. Our first goal is to free the Human identity from its current online shackles to return value back to where global eCommerce originates: YOU. Our Digital Platforms, when combined with Big Data continuous lead generation, create an interconnected Blockchain Ecosystem where the Consumer always wins.


No Central Authority

Members don't have to put trust in a central authority. · No single point of failure. · Less censorship


Safeguards Truth

Stored information cannot be altered without recording the changes made.


Unchangeable Simplicity

Efficient irreversible ledger for ground truth. All transactions are stored forever.