Our Mission

Our mission is to unite AI, Compaction, Big Data, and Blockchain technologies deliver a digital platform that delivers dividends to the HUMAN IDENTITY.

Why Choose CrowdPoint

CrowdPoint has a singular purpose: Defend and deliver dividends to you, the Human Identity. Since the beginning of time Humans have driven commerce, it started as bartering, advanced to precious metals, paper scripts and tender and now it is digital. While the Human Identity has been exploited since the beginning of time, the scale in which it is happening today is unfathomable to the average person. At CrowdPoint, we are doing the right thing, we are a trusted agent in an untrusted world working as silent professionals for you.


We built our own. We understand the importance of commerce. That is why CrowdPoint is helping to move beyond the purely speculative aspects of using Cryptography. CrowdPoint leverages the power of the Crowd to compress time to the point of efficiency. CrowdPoint provides Wall Street-like capabilities using Main Street practicality enabling our customers to leapfrog beyond large slow-moving enterprise organizations. Our first goal is to free the Human identity from its current online shackles to return value back to where global eCommerce originates: YOU. Our Digital Platforms, when combined with Big Data continuous lead generation, create an interconnected Blockchain Ecosystem where the Consumer always wins.


No Central Authority

Members don't have to put trust in a central authority. · No single point of failure. · Less censorship


Safeguards Truth

Stored information cannot be altered without recording the changes made.


Unchangeable Simplicity

Efficient irreversible ledger for ground truth. All transactions are stored forever.


Our Ecosystem brings Big Data, AI, Compaction, and the Block to the next level while institutionalizing the emerging Blockchain technology. We deliver validity and real value based on finite transactions for Small and Mid Cap Companies. We provide Micro-Entrepreneurs with deep insight into a local portfolio and industry trends in real-time, so they win more often. Our use of the Blockchain helps businesses identify exposures and constraints for optimization and opportunities. Using the best of what is worked in the past, we proliferate success for your future on the Blockchain. We deliver Wall Street Capability with Main Street Practicality across these sectors:

We are uniquely positioned to marry A.I. with everyday people and build and support a positive environment. We define Artificial Intelligence as the intersection of software and hardware technology mimicking human behavior. We ask the fundamental question: What Human Behavior do we want to mimic? Effective decision-making comes with time and experience.


At CrowdPoint we focus on how best to put 20 MB into a 1 MB Block and allow for lightning-fast Random Access. Data compaction reduces queue time, bandwidth, cost, and time for the generation, transmission, and storage of data without loss of information by eliminating unnecessary redundancy, removing irrelevancy, through random pattern access.


CrowdPoint's NexGen Blockchain fuses vertical and horizontal transactions to remove constraints and identify optimal smart contracts. Our prime directive is to make Blockchain accessible to Main Street but ensure Wall Street Capability. Our Blockchain adapts to the hierarchy and taxonomies of real life that make more effective connections in context.


Big Data Analytics today are housed in centralized systems that are fed through surveillance capitalism, designed to herd the human identity to make a purchase. At CrowdPoint we democratize Big Data to serve the most precious global currency today: The Human Identity. Our use of Big Data surfaces future buying habits as non-fungible attributes to the Decentralized Identity.


Questions & Answers

We recognize that the Blockchain is confusing and bewildering. It seems everyone is becoming Billionaires overnight and the logic behind that wealth is flawed and unreal. Our approach is that this is normal when a radical technology is introduced. The current speculation surrounding the future of the Blockchain and Crypto Currency will be similar to the DOTCOM Boom, Bubble and Bust. At CrowdPoint we get "Left of Bang." We avoid the bang from the bust due to poor preparation.
What Does The CrowdPoint Exchange Do?
CrowdPoint is a Digital Platform provider. We provide performance, protection and privacy to the Human Identity while connecting buyers and sellers. Our vision is to build a platform that delivers a new kind of blockchain ecosystem.
How Does That Work?
We focus on the Human Identity. Our digital platform provides bullion weight to every human on this planet. We transform their buying habits such that their numismatic value is expressed as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
How Do I Join?
You click on the contact us link above.
Do You Provide Market Research?
Yes our Tiger Team provides each of our participants with organized assembly of information about target markets and customers. Our Big Data surfaces what we know about them, starting with who they are and why they buy. It is a very important component of our Blockchain Ecosystem strategy and a major factor in ensuring your competitiveness.
Do You Provide Blockchain Consulting Services?
Yes each one of our Exchanges are led by nationally and internationally known experts who have designed packages that provide expert advice as part of a licensing and provisioning fee.
What Are Your Technology And Service Fees?
Our fees are straight forward. We have a dedicated page to help you envision what the fees are based on how you envision success. While low quality competitors may charge huge fees and low cost competitors let you down, we won't! Click here to learn more.