A new era in trust and connectivity

The CrowdPoint vision starts with a simple idea: give people and businesses the ability to transact securely and seamlessly on the platform of the future while providing an integrated identity-based experience.

What is CrowdPoint?

CrowdPoint is a new kind of digital platform. We push the limits of decentralized cloud technology to provide enterprise-class identity management, distributed commerce marketplaces and digital capital solutions for consumers and businesses of all sizes.

We're not here to ruffle a few tech feathers. We're here to crush it. Join us on our epic mission to disrupt connectivity and change how the world does business.

CrowdPoint represents a breakthrough in collective intelligence—helping communities align around shared interests and value. In a world of increasing complexity, we all need wisdom and guidance to help us access our own innate power, even if we're not sure where to start.

Democratize the future of privacy, data, finance, and technology.

Web 1.0


Web 2.0




Concepts unraveled

With all the buzzwords flying around like distributed ledger technology, Web3, decentralization, and cryptographic clouds—it's easy to get lost, fast. We're here to help. CrowdPoint delivers the latest tech and emerging trends in a simple, user-friendly package to keep you one step ahead of the disruption curve.

Fix the foundation

Introducing the world's first decentralized cryptographic cloud

Build better delivery

Fintech marketplaces bring consumers closer to the transaction

Empower the crowd

Digital assets align incentives and drive ecosystem participation

Building the future of decentralized finance.

CrowdPoint is hard at work building the next generation of finance: constructive solutions for investors and business in areas where traditional finance has not yet caught up. In doing so, we'll forever change the way people use money.

We don’t sell theories, we invest in trust.

CrowdPoint unlocks user value by fixing how the world shares data. Our unique approach to security and trust allows any person or business to own and control their private data—right from their crwdid dashboard.

Decentralization is the future of the internet.

CrowdPoint's mission is to help create a new type of internet, one that is more decentralized, open, and fair. Where users have power and control over their data. As a digital systems builder, CrowdPoint is singular in our purpose: Deliver dividends to the heart of the internet, you.


Want to join a global movement?

Create your world.

As the most trusted name in decentralized cloud technology, CrowdPoint gives you the freedom to choose the way you live, build, and invest in your future. We create personalized, innovative products to help people and business thrive in the new Web3 economy.

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